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Fun link for Monday: “Bath Is Illuminated As Part Of The 2012 Cultural Olympiad”

In 2007 I completed an internship at the Roman Baths (Bath, UK) as part of my MA programme. The Baths, and the city itself are amazing places, and I fell in love with both immediately. I hope some day soon … Continue reading

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My offering to the Jerash Nymphaeum, Jordan

In 2004, while on field school in Jordan, we would spend most Saturdays traveling to many of the countries rich archaeological sites – in other words – It-Was-Awesome! On one particular Saturday we drove north to the area around the … Continue reading

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Mithraeum site in London is on the move again

The infamous archaeological Mithraeum site in London, UK is on the move again. It was moved in the 1950s/60s to it’s current location and will now be returned. The Roman Britain collection, which I have been working with, was donated … Continue reading

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Designing Interactive exhibits for adult audiences

This is a response post to Nina Simon’s Museum 2.0 post today, “Designing Interactives for Adults: Put down the Dayglow” I have been thinking on this subject for awhile now. I read a book recently about engaging children with history … Continue reading

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Fun link for Monday: Hatay Archaeology Museum Online

This is the inaugural post of Fun link for Monday. There are no real rules or themes for these, although they will likely always be archaeological or museum related. So, for this first link I have chosen something that is … Continue reading

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