Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day or Lupercalia (Or whatever you would like to call it)

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. This seemingly random holiday has it roots in a very old Roman (probably even pre-Roman) holiday called Lupercalia, which was a festival centering around fertility and took place over the ides of February, (13th -15th). It consisted mainly of sacrifices (specifically two goats and a dog) followed by naked men running around hitting women with pieces of the sacrificed animals – which the women lined up for (being hit with the sacrificial animals was supposed to promote fertility and ease childbirth). Definitely a strange holiday.

You can learn more about Lupercalia here.

The real purpose for my post today however, is to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! Please, enjoy the series of Doctor Who and Sherlock Valentine’s cards collected from around the internet ❤

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