My Journey along Hadrian`s Wall

For everyone who hasn`t been following my pre-amble to the Wandering Museum Consultant Project (starting June 2) on the project website, my friend Krista and I have been Hiking Hadrian`s Roman Wall in the north of England. Please enjoy the posts below 🙂

Rampaging Cows: Day 1 on Hadrian`s Wall

A Possible Time Vortex: Day 2 on the wall

The Day we too the Bus: Day 3 on the Wall

The Day we went back and did half of day 3`s route: Day 4 of the Wall


The Wandering Museum Consultant Project Starts June 2nd, please consider sponsoring me  🙂

First Post: The Wandering Museum Consultant

The Vindolanda Charitable Trust will be my first stop of the summer, June 2-13. Though it would not be correct to say this museum is the cause of the Wandering Museum Consultant project, it is most definitely the catalyst, which brought it to life. Friends at Vindolanda, whom I know through my position as Learning Coordinator at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology(MOA), invited me to come and spend two weeks for a professional exchange. The main reason being  the relative similarity between the two museums; both Vindolanda and MOA are archaeological sites combined with interpretive museums.

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