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My Journey along Hadrian`s Wall

For everyone who hasn`t been following my pre-amble to the Wandering Museum Consultant Project (starting June 2) on the project website, my friend Krista and I have been Hiking Hadrian`s Roman Wall in the north of England. Please enjoy the … Continue reading

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Wandering Museum Consultant Campaign

I want to take this opportunity to let everyone know that I am running a fundraising campaign on Volunteer Forever to help fund my volunteer consulting this summer.  As I have taken an unpaid leave of absence for the summer, money will … Continue reading

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First Post: The Wandering Museum Consultant

The Vindolanda Charitable Trust will be my first stop of the summer, June 2-13. Though it would not be correct to say this museum is the cause of the Wandering Museum Consultant project, it is most definitely the catalyst, which brought it … Continue reading

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