The Armitt – Beatrix Potter: Image and Reality

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“What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit world of childhood tempered by knowledge and common sense.” – Beatrix Potter

Beattrix Potter - Source: Beattrix Potter – Source:

Beatrix Potter

The main exhibit space at the Armitt Museum is dedicated to Beatrix Potter and her life. During her lifetime she had donated many of her books, and archaeological drawings to the Armitt. She also bequeathed 350+ of her scientific drawings and illustrations of flora and fawna, upon her death along with her personal copies of her children’s books.

The Armitt exhibit tells the story of her life beyond the children’s books; Beatrix Potter was an itelligent woman who led a very unique life, especially for a Victorian woman from a wealthy family. Her interest in drawing started early, when she received drawing lessons as part of her schooling as a young girl, and she would often create illustrated letters to…

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  1. I enjoyed this post. I love the story of peter rabbit who gets into mr mcgregors garden!
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