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As a child, like most other kids I enjoyed playing make-believe. I would make up elaborate stories. They’d start off as a daydream, but turn into fully developed characters and scenarios. It was a way to focus my mind and alleviate boredom. Fast forward to adulthood, I can often be found driving home from work and creating stories. Whereas most people who are stuck in traffic might get bored or frustrated, I amuse myself by developing characters and telling crafting stories.

For most of my life, I have kept these stories in my head, not sure about my ability to transfer them from their home in my head to any shareable form. Then, in 2014, I spent the summer in Europe (on my Wandering Museum Consultant adventure), and I finally started writing some of these stories down.

While travelling, I read – a lot. I read an indie author, Lindsay Buroker, who writes fantastic character driven plots in a style that sparked my interest at just the right time. Because I also discovered Nanowrimo ….. and the challenge of writing 50,000 words in a month sounded both crazy and exactly my kind of thing. So, in November of 2014, my first book Silver Locket Secrets started to take shape. It was a completely different shape than it finally take, but it was started nonetheless.

Over the next few years, I was kept busy with my job at the museum doing education and programming for school-age kids. While my friends encouraged me to turn my writing into a book. I took a writing course at Humber College to refine my skills and the characters in the book really started to develop, and the plot took shape.

Finally, I had a fully completed manuscript. I briefly flirted with the idea of querying a few boutique publishers, but ultimately I knew Silver Lockets was a bit of a genre bender and I wasn’t interested in trying to fit my stories into the narrow boxes that traditional publishing appears to have created for itself. So I went ahead with the hard slog of indie publishing, holding my first book launch in February 2019.

I am currently working on book two (expected publication, early 2020) and developing merchandise to go along with the Silver Lockets series. I am also working on a collection of short horror stories, which I expect to publish by Summer 2019.

Professional Bio


  • Post-Grad Certificate in Fiction Writing| Humber College
  • M.A. Museum Studies| University of Leicester
  • Hon. B.A. Classical Studies & Classical Archaeology| Wilfrid Laurier University


  • Promising Leadership Award of Excellence  Presented by the Ontario Museum Association, October 2012

Fiction Publications

  • Silver Locket Secrets |Indie –July 2018

Professional Publications


  • Instructor for Museum Association of Saskatchewan – Webinar: Building an Interactive Whiteboard on a Budget – Mar. 2012
  • Instructor for Ontario Museum Association – Learning Lab Webinar: Introduction to Effectively Using  Social Media in Museums – Feb. 2012
  • Guest Instructor for Ontario Museum Association Certificate in Museum Studies course Education Programs – Oct. 2010 and 2015

Guest Speaking

  • Association of Nova Scotia Museums Conference – Closing Plenary, “Powerful Partnership” – Sept. 2012
  • Western University, Canada – Classics Society event: “Museums as an option for Classics students” – Feb. 2012

Conference Presentations

  • Presenter at  Ignite Culture, London, Hidden Histories: Why you should always dig a little deeper, April 2012. 
  • Presenter at  Ignite Culture: Toronto, How Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia helped shape the 1920s and 30s Culture, March 2012. 
  • Session presenter at the 2011 Ontario Museum Association conference in “A Collaborative Approach to Engaging Children in the Heritage Sector.”
  • Session presenter at the 2011 Canadian Museum Association Conference in “How To Get the Benefits of An Interactive Whiteboard Without Spending Big Bucks.”
  • Session presenter at the 2010 Ontario Museum Association conference in “Friends, Followers & Feedback: Social Media Policies and Evaluation.”
  • Session presenter at the 2008 Ontario Museum Association conference in “Kit and Kaboodle: Museums and Galleries Educational Strategies.”

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  1. Hi Katie: I wonder if we can exchanges email I am a member of the London Writers Society and I missed the launching of your book. I wonder if you have a minute to ask you a question regarding Create Space. I became a member of the LWS last month
    Thank you

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