Silver Locket Secrets Print Edition

Kassie Kendrick’s adventure can now be purchased as a print edition!

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Book Launch

It has been a long time since I have updated this blog. In the past few years, I have dabbled in different blogs, ideas, and challenges. Spent some time nurturing my mental health and trying to figure out where I am going in life and finally finished my first book Silver Locket SecretsIt is currently available in ebook form from Kobo, but will soon be in paperback as well (I’ll post here when is).

I intend to return my attention to this blog, museums, and writing and I hope that you will join me on this journey.

Silver Locket Secrets Cover_ebook_kobo

Kassie Kendrick, a wayward young archaeologist, sets out to honour her grandfather’s final wish – to solve a treasure hunt like those she had loved as a child. As she and her friends follow her grandfather’s clues, they are lured around the Kingdom of Asho and beyond. But with the soon to be crowned Prince Diomedes believing her to be a threat to his throne, it soon becomes evident there is far more to be found at the end of their journey than she could ever imagine.

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Silloth on Solway

This gallery contains 14 photos.

Originally posted on The Wandering Museum Consultant:
Silloth, Cumbria  ? I spent a gorgeous two days in Silloth on the Solway Firth in Cumbria on England’s northwest coast in July. I was volunteering at the Soldiers in Silloth Museum, and…

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Soldiers in Silloth

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Originally posted on The Wandering Museum Consultant:
The last stop on my Wandering Museum Consultant trip was the Soldiers in Silloth Museum in Silloth, on the Solway coast, Cumbria, Northwest England. It was a wonderful way to end the consulting…

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The Armitt – Beatrix Potter: Image and Reality

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Originally posted on The Wandering Museum Consultant:
“What heaven can be more real than to retain the spirit world of childhood tempered by knowledge and common sense.” – Beatrix Potter ? Beattrix Potter – Source: Beatrix Potter The main…

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The Armitt Museum – Kurt Schwitters

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Originally posted on The Wandering Museum Consultant:
Mid-July, I spent 3 days working with the Armitt Museum & Library, in the beautiful Lake District town of Ambleside. The original incarnation of the Armitt was founded in 1912 as a library, and…

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A brief layover in Leeds

The Wandering Museum Consultant

the-royal-armouries Entrance to the Royal Armouries Museum

After leaving Ely, I had a long trip to the Lake District. To avoid a 15 hour train journey (most of which would have been waiting around in train stations), I gave myself a layover in Leeds. An afternoon and evening in Leeds gave me the opportunity to vist the Royal Armouries Museum. The museum houses a collection of military armoury from througout the history of England, up to the present day. It is well exhibited, with inventive interactions throughout the collection. My only criticism of the museum would be a fairly confusing layout. The weird routes between galleries and floors, meant that I had to double back through galleries, and I’m not quite sure I saw everything.

But that, common museum weakness aside, I very much enjoyed the Royal Armouries Museum. The pinnacle of their collection is the intricately decorated Lion Armour, which…

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