Custom Art

Art captures life’s favourite memories!

I create acrylics art pieces from your photographs and immortalize a favourite memory, pet or place as an artistic focal point in your home.

I specialize in portraits of your pets, but please inquire about other subject matters.

Feel free to look through my portfolio below for a sample of my work. To order a painting or to ask any questions, please contact me.

Price list:  

Stretched Canvas – This is my preferred surface to paint on.   I continue the painting around the edges of these canvases, which gives them a nice finished look. The canvas will stand out stand out approx. 1.5 inches from the wall, which makes them perfect for hanging directly on the wall no frame necessary. 

6” x 6”  – $150

8” x 10” – $185

9” x 12” – $185

10” x 10” – $185

10” x 14” – $210

12” x 12” – $210

12” x 16”  – $230

Canvas board – This is a great surface to paint on if you want to frame your painting. Since the canvas board is thin it fits in most commercial frames that you can buy; eliminating the need for expensive custom framing.

8” x 10” – $155

9” x 12” – $155

11” x 14” – $190

12” x 16”  – $210

To order or request a quote, please email me at katrina[at] 

Upon your order, I will email you within two business days to request 1 to 4 high-resolution photos (sent via. email or 

Paintings based on one or two images, with simple backgrounds, will be finished and shipped within 3-4 weeks at the prices shown above.

Combining elements from multiple photos will increase the time and work required to complete. Therefore, the cost and time to produce will increase accordingly.  I will send a quote with a time estimate and cost within two business days of the receipt of photos. 

I look forward to working with you!

If you are interested in a smaller or larger size painting than represented here, I am happy to provide a quote.

(Please note: Payments can be made through, or set up as a custom order on

You can also check out my Etsy shop here 🙂


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