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My writing is inspired by my lifelong passion for archaeology, which has woven a thread through all my life’s decisions; from studying Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology in undergrad to completing the placement for my MA in Museum Studies at the Roman Baths Museum in the UK, and to my day job as a museum educator at an archaeology museum.
Archaeology is the thread that weaves through my first novel Silver Locket Secrets as well. Reflecting my experiences excavating and travelling in the deserts of Jordan and Egypt and my love of a good mystery this fantasy adventure follows Kassie, a young woman with a famous grandfather, as she discovers the secrets hidden beneath the surface of her family and their world.

It is with great excitement that I have launched my first book,

Silver Locket Secrets.

Silver Locket Secrets Cover_ebook_kobo

Kassie Kendrick, a wayward young archaeologist, sets out to honour her grandfather’s final wish – to solve a treasure hunt like those she had loved as a child. As she and her friends follow her grandfather’s clues, they are lured around the Kingdom of Asho and beyond. But with the soon to be crowned Prince Diomedes believing her to be a threat to his throne, it soon becomes evident there is far more to be found at the end of their journey than she could ever imagine.

Enjoy a live sample reading!

Available now in ebook at most online retailers including: 




Now also available in Paperback at Amazon!

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