Fun link for Monday: Queen Victoria’s Journals

I stumbled upon this online exihibit of  Queen Victoria’s Journals  while on Twitter, from @AndrewSBowman. It is a collection of Queen Victoria’s writings detailing her life and experiences, which are pretty unique and amazing to read about, but it also illustrates her drawings and paintings.

I knew that Queen Victoria was an artist; I had seen some of her sketch books come up on Antiques Roadshow, but I was still amazed to see how much she documented.   It is strange to think that the royal figures whom she sketched were not just generic princes and princesses, as many young people might doodle in their sketchbooks, but people she actually knew and conversed with. It makes you think about how different a life she had from the everyday person.

What do you think of her journals?


Queen Victoria’s Journals

Fun link for Monday: “Bath Is Illuminated As Part Of The 2012 Cultural Olympiad”

In 2007 I completed an internship at the Roman Baths (Bath, UK) as part of my MA programme. The Baths, and the city itself are amazing places, and I fell in love with both immediately. I hope some day soon I will get back there.

On Jan. 26th the Roman Baths were lit up by some alumni of Bath Spa University to celebrate the 2012 Cultural Olympiad. The results add an ethereal effect to an already magical setting.

Click the image below to see more really cool photos of a really beautiful place.


Illuminated Roman Baths

Fun link for Monday: Hatay Archaeology Museum Online

This is the inaugural post of Fun link for Monday. There are no real rules or themes for these, although they will likely always be archaeological or museum related. So, for this first link I have chosen something that is both 🙂

The new online collection from the Hatay Archaeology Museum in Turkey. The museum, which is currently in development to open in 2013, has begun with this online collection. It is a really good example of an online photographic database. The collection features two main collections: the mosaic collection and other artifacts (mostly are from the Roman and Hittite eras).

The site features full 360′ viewing on many of the 3-dimensional artifacts and if you click through to the inventory listing you will find all the catalog information as well as a great magnification tool to see all the small details.


Other Artifacts collection menu

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