The really strange part of delivering a ‘Webinar’

Last week I had the opportunity to deliver a ‘webinar’ – an online seminar, for the Ontario Museum Association; Introduction to Effectively Using Social Media in Museums. But this post isn’t about the social media, it is about the format of a webinar itself.

Delivering webinars is weird. At least delivering a webinar where the participants can hear you, and see you, but you can’t hear or see them is weird. As an Education Coordinator I routinely deliver lectures that are extremely two-sided, a give and take between myself and the classes who visit the museum. I am very used to asking questions and developing a lecture into a conversation. Even when I am giving tours to adults, or speaking at conferences, etc. I can still read the micro expressions (or macro expressions – yawning isn’t good) that cross peoples’ faces as I am speaking. I can then adjust to better suit the audience accordingly. In a webinar when I can’t see the participants’ facial expressions or easily converse with them, it definitely throws me off.

Hopefully this is a skill I will have more opportunities to perfect in the future, because it is also kind of fun 🙂

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